• Minerals vs. Royalties
  • Number of Wells and Producing Horizons
  • Recent Check Stubs (last 6-12 months)
  • Location
  • Production Decline Rate
  • Geological Analysis/Future Drilling /Development potential
  • Operator Information and Integrity
  • NYMEX Futures Commodity Pricing
  • Tax Rates
  • Reservoir Analysis
  • Analysis of Potential Risk Factors

The process of valuing a mineral, royalty, or overriding royalty interest is complicated and involves a combination of engineering analysis, geological evaluation, and economic modeling.

All oil and gas wells decline in production at various rates over time. Eventually, all wells reach their economic limit at which time the well is considered depleted and is usually plugged and abandoned.

Once our analysis is completed, we will present an offer to purchase the interest. If the offer is accepted, we will complete a title search to insure that the title is clear and without liens or encumbrances, and determine that all taxes have been paid. Once complete, we will prepare the necessary deed or assignment along with any necessary title curative instruments and forward them together with payment for the interest.

Windswept Royalties will bear all costs associated with completing the transaction and will complete the process as rapidly as possible. There is no obligation to sell at any time.

There are many variables that affect the value of a mineral or royalty interest. However, all oil and gas wells decline in production at various rates over time. We use a valuation process to determine what the interest is worth that includes:

Our Process

We consider both non-producing and producing oil and gas royalties, overriding
royalties, and mineral interests.